Sweet’s Pancakes



-          award-winning taste

-          minimal effort

-          minimum cleanup

-          fame and fortune for the chef




Dry ingredients:

-          2 cups total of a creative mix of:

o       unbleached white or wheat flour, at least 1 cup

o       cornmeal

o       almond meal (finely-ground almonds)

o       flax meal (finely ground flaxseed)

o       anything else that inspires you

-          1 teaspoon salt

-          3 teaspoons baking powder (not baking soda)

-          1 tablespoon brown sugar


Wet ingredients:

-          3 eggs

-          2 cups of a creative mix of:

o       milk or rice milk, at least 1 cup

o       yogurt

o       buttermilk

o       cottage cheese

o       apple cider

o       anything else that inspires you

-          ½ cup canola or safflower oil


Other ingredients:

-          butter or decent margarine to coat the skillet

-          genuine maple syrup, no substitutes

-          love



-          large mixing bowl

-          skillet

-          whisk, or a fork if no whisk

-          measuring cup – ½ cup

-          measuring spoon – teaspoon

-          measuring spoon – tablespoon

-          spatula or snow shovel, depending on the size of your pancakes



-          Thoroughly combine all dry ingredients in the mixing bowl with the whisk.

-          Make a small crater in the middle of the dry ingredients.

-          Break the eggs into the crater and gently beat them for a minute without mixing them into the surrounding dry ingredients. You can also just beat them in a separate bowl and then pour them into the crater, but don’t mix them into the dry ingredients yet.

-          Add the rest of the wet ingredients, and stir everything together with the whisk just until you no longer see any dry ingredients. Some lumpiness is fine.

-          Let the batter sit for a few minutes while you pre-heat the skillet until water droplets gently dance on the skillet’s surface. The batter consistency should be like thick honey, not too runny. If too runny, then add some flour to thicken. If you have to add more than ¼ cup of flour, then also add another teaspoon of baking powder. If it’s too thick, then add another egg or some other liquid.

-          Melt some butter in the skillet to coat it, then pour the batter into the skillet to make the desired size pancakes.

-          Turn the cakes over when the bottoms are perfectly brown, even if the tops don’t look completely cooked. They will cook just fine without burning, as long as the pan is not too hot.

-          Serve them with syrup – the love is already in them.



Before experimenting with other ingredients that inspire you, you might want to first try just the flour and perhaps cornmeal for the 2-cup creative dry ingredients mix, and just milk and yogurt for the 2-cup creative wet ingredient mix.